Finally Leaving Auckland!

I finally got fed up with remodeling the van. I wanted to build a few more shelves and a table for my computer but with the tools and the lumber I had, it just wasn’t going to happen. Figured I better get on with traveling before my time was up in NZ.

The past month I have been staying in a hostel in Auckland, just outside the city center in a town called Ponsonby.  It was an “up and coming” neighborhood about 5 years ago, and now has “made it” so the yuppies and young professionals have moved in and taken over. It’s still a pretty cool little spot.

While at the hostel I have made friends with several of the “long term’ers”, as we where coined. (those of use that have been there for 3 weeks or longer) (some as long as several months)  So over easter break a few of them planned to head to The Coromandel, a large peninsula just to the east of Auckland.  I figured it would be a good first trip out into the country with Big Red, the camping van, so away I went.

Stay tuned……the details of the trip are coming soon!


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