I’ve Never Been That Original

My Good Friend Mr. Jonathan Tompkins just sent me these 2 links.  Proving that I’m not that crazy for making the trip, not nearly as geeky and set up as I should be, and lacking in the tech area because NZ is a solid 5-9 years behind in telecommunications.



I’ve never been that original, and this just proves that further……there is always someone doing the same thing but better.  The one thing I got going for me though, is a big red Toyota Hi Ace (in the pocket) van.  Boohya!  I could use those photovoltaic cells on the roof if anyone wants to get me a present.

Designing in a van, down by the river! NZ

Designing in a van, down by the river! NZ


3 responses to “I’ve Never Been That Original

  1. Theresa Wear

    I think you should use the snazzier fotos

  2. i’m stuck in a cubicle. with no windows. think there’s room for another in that Hi Ace?

    you’re awesome. write more.

  3. Angie Escalera

    Love the curtains.

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