Coromandel to Mt. Munganui. Heart of the surf biz in NZ

Funny how sometimes the place that the industry is set up isn’t the best place for the activity.  Like Torquay in Australia, Mt. Mangnui is the central hub for the surf industry in NZ.  Surf is good hear, but no where as consistent as the west coast.  Its positioned on the east coast, surrounded by the city of Tauranga, the fastest growing city in NZ.  Its a fancy, up scale resort city.

Spot the Van

Spot the Van

I arrived after dark.  I drove down with 2 friends from Auckland and we decided to get a Chinese buffet dinner….always risky.  After, we drove to the beach and found a car park and crashed out.  My van is comfy!

In the morning the guys headed back for Auckland and I hung around the town to check out the surf shops and hop on the internet.  I was looking for a thick wetsuit for the cold south island, and after going to a few shops and only finding 4/3’s one shop kid suggested going to Boardline Wetsuits, just out of town.  They are a local wetsuit manufacturer.

The Boardline shop was empty, except for a guy behind the counter.  I told him what I was looking for and he said he had one that they made up a while ago, and he would give me a deal on.  Right about then I noticed that he was decked out in Reef clothing, and The Byerly 2 shoe, one of the first that I designed!  Funny how what works.  We got to talking, and I told him that I designed those shoes, and he told me that he got them from the Reef rep in NZ, Koenraad.  I had totally forgotten that he was located here.

I bought a 5/4/3 with a attached hood for the south. I don’t think I will feel anything in this suit. Won’t even be able to tell if I’m standing or not.  Same old I guess.

The Mount

The Mount


2 responses to “Coromandel to Mt. Munganui. Heart of the surf biz in NZ

  1. Love the pictre caption “Spot the Van” It sounds like “where’s Waldo?”

  2. Angie Escalera

    Love the stories and pics, Phil.
    Reef isn’t the same w/ out you! 🙂

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