Ferry to the South

So to get to the south island I needed to take a ferry.  There are 2 companies that run the route, and I went with the Interislander.  The ferry runs all day and all night, with about 5 hours in between each one.  The total time for the trip one way is 3 hours.

Of course, the red eye ferry, 2:30am is the cheapest.  So I decided to book this one in an attempt to lessen the blow to my wallet.  All well and good, except I booked it online for Wednesday at 2:30 am and arrived at 7:45 pm Wednesday thinking I could move it up to the 9pm since I got in earlier than I thought I would…..can you spot the stupidity?  Yes, so I missed my ferry, and here once you miss it, ticked is gone, null and voided.  So I tried to save money, and ended up paying twice.  That might be the theme for my first 2 months here in NZ.

Interislander ferry

Interislander ferry


One response to “Ferry to the South

  1. emily decker

    just what we would expect from our phil. enjoy the south.

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