Big Push South! Enter the cold surf.

After a great few nights hanging with friends in Christchurch, I started my way down to Dunedin.  This is the last large city in the south island.  It has a heavy Scottish influence, as they where the ones that settled the area.  Its generally cold, windy, and wet.  Inland about an hour or so is one of the main fruit growing areas in NZ.  Surprisingly feels exactly like upstate NY, just not as flat.

Through Kaiser, a friend that dates back to my days at Windell’s Snowboard Camp, I had an acquaintance to meet in Dunedin.  He is a student there that is also a sponsored skier.  For the second city in a row I had a friend to visit and a place to stay, quite a luxury.  I have been writing  Scotty for a few months now.  He has been giving great info on NZ in general, car buying and best of all, the mountains and ski fields that I plan to play on this winter (your summer).

Dunedin Sunset

Dunedin Sunset

Scotty and his roommates where incredibly hospitable, and let me crash at there place for a few nights.  I went out with them one night to a college flat…. it brought back memories of a bunch of us crammed into a tiny falling apart apartment, and drinking hard before a night out.  We ended up at a show, the band was the Phoenix Foundation, a New Zealand band, at a venue that was eerily similar to the theater in Geneva.

While kicking around the town that night, Scotty introduced me to a few of his friends that surf around Dunedin.  They told me that a rare, solid east swell was on its way, and that the morning would be good, but we had to get out early to catch the low tide.

After a night of drinking I awoke at 5:30 am…ouch…and picked up the guys from there place, just around the corner.  It was still dark, and briskly cold.  We drove about 20 min, and then turned off the main road onto a dirt road that ran along long rolling hill ridges.  The road snaked along the ridge. It is a semi scary drive because if one happened to veer of the road, slippery grass and a sever slope awaited you, then a proper cliff drop to an ocean cove would be your fate.

We finally reached the bottom of the road, and in front of me was a perfect right point called Murderers.  On the right, the point was a rolling hill that fell away to sheer cliff and sea, creating the point that pushed perfect peeling rights for well over 500 meters.

The water was cold, 4/3 cold, but I decided to wear my 5/4/3 with hood, because my blood is still San Diego / Auckland thin.  The spot was semi crowded, but a fun place to surf.  The water is a brilliant turquoise color, and the waves where peeling offering up long, leg burning rights.  A great second day in the NZ water.

Foggy Murderers

Foggy Murderers

Bonus!  I got a second session later that day at a river mouth bar break about 30 minutes north of murderers.  The east swell fully filled in, and I got one of the most beautiful sunsets from the water that I have ever seen.  Unfortunately, since I was in the water, I didn’t get pictures.

Next destination is Queenstown to set up my winter spot.  I have another friend that I met in Auckland already living in a small town outside of Queenstown, and he has extended and invitaion to stay with him while I get my bearings, and set up a job and accomidation.  So we will see how that goes.


One response to “Big Push South! Enter the cold surf.

  1. write more, i’m living vicariously through you. if you can make it to London by 6/23, i’ll be there.

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