Back to Dunedin.

After spending 2 weeks trying to get work in Queenstown, looking at dozens and finally selecting a flat, then realizing how much money a I am going to spend to retain that flat while I wait to get a job, the only thing that I could think of that would cheer me up was surf.

I called a few backpacker hostels in Dunedin, to try and find one that would allow me to clean in exchange for accommodation.  Out of the 8 or so I called, I had good leads at 4 of them, and one with a possible management position that would pay me for the service.

So I packed up a few essentials, surf boards, a scanner/printer/copier that I bought for $40 and headed back to Dunedin for surf and living.  I’m hoping to stay for a month and a half or so, while I wait for the winter season to kick off and the job prospect to get better in QT.  hell, maybe I can get a job in Dunedin to supplement a little income….we will see.

I have made a few good friends in here in Dunedin.  Scotty, Mark and Speedy, the skiers that I stayed with earlier in the month have allowed me to crash for a few days while I set up the hostel situation.

Once I arrived I visited all the hostels that had work.  Apparently, as with the rest of the world, people speak loosely about jobs, and give bad information just for the sake of giving information.  None of the hostels had work at the moment.  Some had a position (possibly) in a few weeks, some not at all, even though they said they had.  They probably just wanted me to stay to take some money.  The management position was only available to some one that was staying for 6 months, a fact that they conveniently left out on our phone conversation.

So once again I was left in a precarious position.  I checked my notes from the phone conversations I had with all the hostels, and noticed one that said they had a position open in a week.  So I gave them a visit, and was surprised by the architecture that housed the hostel.  It was the old bishops house, built in the mid 1800’s.

After talking with the owners, we worked out a deal that I would start in a week, cleaning for accommodation.

Now I had to ask the boys to let me stay with them for an entire week, kind of a tall order.  Maybe I can bribe them with food and cleaning?

In the mean time, I should be trying to find a job, but hanging out with the boys at there place is much more fun.  They downloaded a bunch of movies and music from my big hard drive, and we made nightly Flight of the Conchords, Arrested Development, and movie viewings a ritual activity.

On Friday I got invited to a BYO dinner.  Exactly the same as in the states….you bring your own booze to the restaurant.  I have never been to one that you don’t get completely smashed, and this one was no exception.  It was a 2 guys birthdays, both 21, (not as crazy here, they can drink at 18).  We ate at a Japanese place, and as I said got smashed at dinner. It was fun….the whole time I kept thinking….how did I end up here, at this place and time.  Always a weird feeling.

The next afternoon, I txt one of the boys friends to see if they were going surfing.  They wrote back saying that a good SE swell was coming in, but they all had quite a bit of school work to do, and they would be going the next morning.  Anxious, and jonesing for surf, I decided I would drive around Dunedin to find all the surf spots and possibly get wet.

I got a good look at a few different spots around Dunedin, and more importantly, figured out how to get to them and where to park to access the breaks.  I got to a good spot too late at night to get in, but scored the next afternoon!

The next post will have epic pics of a great surf day…..stay tuned!


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