The Waves Never Stop In Dunedin

Man, I tell you, if you wanted to you could easily surf every day in Dunedin and find a quality wave.  It may be small, but the wind is always off shore somewhere, and even the back ground energy coming from the Pacific, or Tasman sea will create shoulder high waves.  If you can stand the cold water, this could be your surf mecca.

I surfed a small day at Aramoana, the place that I had the big A-framing wave day from a few posts ago.  It was small, so only 3 or 4 surfers where out.  There where still occasional head high waves coming through.  The spot and wave feels very much like Blacks on an average day.  Pretty sweet to surf those waves with only 4 other people!

From the water I was looking back at a 200 ft. cliff and a small water fall that fell the entire way to the beach.  It was formed by 5 days straight of heavy rain fall that hit the area.  On top of the cliff was a line of pine trees that stood guard over the cliff edge.  I am going to try and get in the water one day and shoot the scene with my camera and water housing.  I’m just a little scared to be in the water with a black wet suit and fins, as there is a health sea lion colony in the area, which can attract large toothed predators.

The next day I headed out to St. Kilda beach which is the eastern half of the main city beach.  It was a heavy, thick lipped, throwing barrel day.  I had found a small crack in my regular short board and decided to take out my smaller quad fin board.  This was a bad idea, as I didn’t have quite enough to get into the wave, but just enough to get pitched over the falls several times.  Enough times to break my knee brace and in that process put 2 holes in the bottom of my brand new board…..gha!  Well, another first coming up……first ding repair in NZ.


One response to “The Waves Never Stop In Dunedin

  1. There has only been 3 shark attacks in Dunedin (one at Aramoana) which was in the 1960s.

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