Holy Apples! Pies!

First you slice-a-da-apples!

First you slice-a-da-apples!

One of the other woofers (cleaners for accommodation) came to me a few days ago, and said she had found two apple trees on city property that where loaded with natures candy.  We decided to go relieve the tree from the weight of the fruit and get ourselves a couple bags or free apples.

It had been raining all morning, and was briskly cold….just like a harvest day back in Wayne County.  We grabbed a step ladder from Gilbert, (owner of Hogwartz) and drove out to the trees.  As I approached, the road narrowed to a ridiculous width (thanks Englishmen) and I crept the van through the corridor along a stone retaining wall on the left and a cliff retaining wall falling away to the right.  The tree was on a strip of grass about 2 feet wide overhanging the right side cliff retaining wall which fell about 15 feet to another stupidly narrow street and a few house back yards.

The step later was way to short for the job, and stood there, looking at the trees in the rain stumped on what to do.  Then in a stroke of genius, my companion suggested that we use the van as a latter, and we could use the roof as a picking platform.

In the pouring, cold rain, two morons decided to climb onto the roof of a van to pick apples and try not to slip off to there deaths.  I ended up climbing the tree, getting sludgy and muddy for a bushel of apples.  Somethings from my youth have come in handy. Thanks upstate NY apple growing country!

Rolling Pastry.  Not a bad kitchen for the job when I have it to myself.

Rolling Pastry. Not a bad kitchen for the job when I have it to myself.

We have been making pie and apple sauce for a week, and still have 6 bowls of apples.  I think I’m finally getting sick of them.

I used my Aunt Sandy’s recipe for the apple pie, it has cheddar cheese in it.  Everyone was skeptical, then they tasted it and that shut them all up!

Ready for a bake.

Ready for a bake.

Gowin and Yuko kind of helping me out

Gowin and Yuko kind of helping me out

Apple Sauce is stupid easy to make!

Apple Sauce is stupid easy to make!


4 responses to “Holy Apples! Pies!

  1. Your Grandpa Harper is looknig down at you. He used to go into orchards and “appropriate” apples from various farmers’ orchards. Yes, making applesauce and apple pie is stupid. So why do so many people go to restaurants to eat them? It takes some effort.

  2. Aunt Sandy

    Your pie looks beautiful! I think you should take over the job of making Apple Cheddar Pie for our holiday meals. Love you, Phil.
    Aunt Sandy

  3. me and ryan made an apple pie last night too!!!!! so freaking delicious!

    hope your fat is keeping you warm!



  4. Ladder?

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