The Dark Side of My Travels

I really would like to do my best to make this blog about my experiences, knowledge and trials while I am traveling.  I want it to be as honest as possible, which means talking about the bad as well as good.  I have touched upon a little of the bad, with cars, and boredom, but I have a much more disturbing problem looming on the horizon that may end this travel experiment way too soon.

First off I want to thank you all for the words of encouragement and accolades. I have received quite a few responses from friends and family praising my efforts, and many envious words that you wish you where with me or traveling as well.  I will try and help you think twice about all those comments in the upcoming paragraphs.

Many of you that know me very well, know that I can be a bit negative at times.  Well this is no exception.  My money may soon run out.

I have been planning this trip for about 10 years, and seriously saving money since I got my first real job with Reef 4 years ago.  I tried as hard as I could to save as much as I could.  I did not buy a car, furniture or any large expense item.  I passed on quite a few opportunities to take vacation trips, or even weekend trips around Cali, all in an effort to squeeze every penny into my savings account.  I could have done more for sure….less booze, less frivolousness small items (I do love my member only jacket collection though).  I could have lived in a cheaper place (all though my roommate in San Diego, Swag, gave me a great place to live, at an amazing price.  Thanks Swag!) but I didn’t need to live that comfy.  All these things would have swung my account a little.  The big problem however was how I managed my money after I left Reef……the 4 months before I even left the country.

I feel like a failure in that my whole plan was to travel with a good amount on liquid cash behind me….lets say $15,000 to do things that most other “backpacker” travelers couldn’t do.  I didn’t want to overly stress about money, and wanted to have reserves to do some of the extra, luxury activities that usually only wealthy travelers on holiday do.  And right now all those plans are evaporating before my eyes, as I look at my bank account.

I have torn through what was suppose to be liquid cash, using it on all sorts of stuff here and back home, but little to show for it.  I do know that trying to travel with so much gear, and worst of all shipping things across America, but also hauling it here is an expense that I severely under estimated.  There has been a lot of bad information by individuals working for shipping companies that has cost me quite a bit.

I haven’t worked since I’ve been here, which isn’t helping my situation at all.  I feel like I am always trying to get to the next spot to get set up, never being able to really look or work in any place proficiently.  I am also finding it hard to really be persistent when trying to get a part time restaurant job.  Maybe I’m being conceited or arrogant, but its so hard to grovel for work now.  It is a little tough here with the recession, but that is no excuse.  Another problem is that I keep getting to places that are on the tail end, or too soon for the ramp up of the tourist seasons.  Winter hasn’t hit, so the ski towns aren’t hiring…even thought there are 1000’s of young travelers looking for work flocking to the area, and the fall is over, so the tourists aren’t here anymore.  I seem to constantly be between hiring waves.

I am also a whiner….so that may explain a lot of this negativity as well.  Either way all this is having a severe affect on my bank account, and making me seriously doubt wether I have the resorces to extend this trip into next month, let alone next year.


8 responses to “The Dark Side of My Travels

  1. Yes, you are a whiner. I’d give my right testicle to have the opportunity you have at hand. Yes, it’s going to be hard, nothing good comes easy. Be a man and go fix a fence for cash. You’re not welcome back here in the states for at least another 6 months. I hope this healthy dose of tough love get through and lights a fire under your ass. And for god sakes grow a fucking mustache, that’ll cures what ails ya!

  2. I second what JT said , except being your mom, I cannot be so crass. Think positive.

  3. Phil!!!!
    Hang on there buddy!! I’ll be out there in Mid-August, and you haven’t even gotten into the snowboard season yet. I know some people that run a bordercross training facility in Trebelcone, so maybe I can put you in contact with them. Don’t give up!!
    Shoot me an e-mail if you want me to put you in contact.


  4. Daniel Fallon

    P-Cecc! You can’t stop now! What the hell am I gonna read about when I should be working if you come home now? You say you are always “between waves”, either too far ahead or too far behind the job opportunity sweet spot. If I were you I’d opt for the next “too far ahead” spot and just hunker down till the time is right. I know you want to maximize your time while you travel, but a trip of that magnitude can’t be radical all the time. In fact, “trip” is a misnomer. The way you described it to me before leaving, you essentially live there now..indefinitely. Well, make like a hobo and quit bouncing around so much! You AREN’T on holiday! You are HOME! Get ahead of that next wave, in a decent spot close to where you want to ride for the winter and set up camp until you can pounce on a job. The job(s) is/are the linchpin to this whole endeavor. You know you can’t do all you set out to do without making money along the way. That job is your #1 priority right now. Lift operator, ski shop employee, waiter, busser, whatever it takes man. Land a job, staunch the flow of cash out of your account and spend the winter regrouping for the next move. You gotta think of this journey in terms of months, not weeks. Seasons even. Maybe the first season is gonna blow: shitty job, less than ideal location, too little riding.. but the money you make will launch you into a sweet surf season in whatever town/country you head to next. If you need some $ to get you over the hump, email me. We’ll talk.

    Chin-up chin-up!

    The Dude.

  5. Thanks for the words Dan. Hopefully a job will come through in the next few weeks. And thanks for the money offer, but this needs to be on me, with no financial help. Makes it more interesting that way. I’ll keep plugging away, so you can waste time at work.

  6. Phil….if it were easy, it wouldn’t be worth it. You could sit back here and skate. Take this trip. Enjoy the set backs, mostly because you are going to find a way to overcome them. And wrap yourself in the love and support we all are sending you for having the courage to journey outside the comfort zone. You can ALWAYS come home.
    I don’t know the negative you….just the adventurer. You’re stronger than you ‘think’. Someone once asked me if I ever think of giving up pursuing ‘acting’. I said every day, so I know today I’m here ’cause I want to be. Doubt is healthy……but don’t be the one arguing your limitations….cause you are limitless!!

  7. Daniel Fallon

    Excellent. That’s what I like to hear. And congrats on your skydive! That is so rad! The view must have been amazing and on such a bluebird day! Jealous for sure.

  8. Time to sign up for google ad sense.

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