About 9:00 pm on July 15th, I was laying in bed watching one of the best documentary’s on climate change “HOME” (you can watch it in really good quality video as a full feature on youtube, or download it, or go find the DVD) (Think planet earth but with a climate change message)  I was laying in my bed, when the entire room started to move like it was floating in a semi choppy lake.

The rolling, soft waves of motion lasted for about 20 seconds.  Its wasn’t violent shaking so its wasn’t too scary.

Come to find out that there was a 7.4 in magnitude earth quake about 300 miles from Queenstown in the ocean south west of the south island.

This was my 3 experience with an earthquake, and deffienetly the longest one.


3 responses to “Earthquake!

  1. Daniel Fallon

    Your 3rd?! I’m skeptical. Are you sure it wasn’t just bad gas? What did you eat for dinner?

  2. 3rd around the world brotha’, one when I was at Hood. One in San Diego 4 years ago, and this one. If my gas lasted for 20 seconds and could be felt around the region……I would figure out a way to sell and market that talent, eh!

  3. Well, Phil, even you “just livin’ ” is dramatic…. a 7.4 earthquake in your adopted ‘hometown’!!!! Glad to know that although the thing shifted the southern island, it was a gentle, if odd, cradle rock for you.

    Your photos of the Stash are fantastic. What an enticing place; makes me wish to be a 20-something snowboarder for a couple of months with the time and ability to take on the terrain. It must be a beautiful feeling to master that mountain landscape on a board! No wonder NZ has been such a dream and a destination of yours for so long. Your photos show place after place of breathtaking beauty. Stay well and enjoy Phil.

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