Winter Update

Well, I’m settling in for the winter here on the South Island of New Zealand, in the township of Queenstown.  Its been a journey getting here for sure, but this is one of the big milestones that I wanted to achieve on this trip, snowboarding NZ for a winter.

Its been a surprisingly tough set up here.  For the past 2 months I have been trying to find a job to pay rent with out dipping into savings.  I applied to quite a few positions including restaurant work, ski rental shops, and even a heli ski company.  As of 2 weeks ago I stopped the search, realizing that I got totally shut out.  I’m a little dumb founded on the results here.  I’m pretty bummed I didn’t score a job….especially the heli ski position, that one particularly hurt, I had a real good beat on that one.

On the plus side, I picked up a fair amount of design work, so my money situation is tolerable for the moment.  On the down side, I’m not expecting to meet a lot of people here, so my bout with lonesomeness will continue.  My living situation is ok, the place is nice, although cold, and not social at all.  I rarely see my flatmates as they are held up in there rooms, as am I to keep warm.

I have been riding a fair amount, about 3-4 times a week, basically just to get out of the house.  On the weekends the Uni kids from Dunedin come up to the area to ride and ski and I usually get a day in with them.  Its nice to have friends to ride with every now and then.  Unfortunately, Scotty, the guy that has been my main contact here, and has become a good friend decided to push hard his first day on snow and over rotated a 360 and turned it into a 630 and tore his ACL.  It was a big bummer as he was amped for another season.  It brought back some real bad memories for me as I rode up next to him holding his knee in pain.  I got flashbacks of laying on the sand in Oceanside knowing that I was on the couch for months when I tore my PCL and MCL.

I was able to score a 2 weekend a month job at a Jade and Opal jewelry store (seriously).  The owner is the sculpture and the back of the shop is the factory that he sculpts in.  I am just a sales associate, which is interesting cause I have never done any retail job before.  I will have a post to come with pics highlighting this job.

Other than that…not much going down.  I think I am finally feeling like I am here and living.  No more setting up, or waiting.  Now just livin’.

Until next time friends……..


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