Another Search, Don’t know if I’m up for this.

I’m in a tough situation at the moment.  The insurance company totaled the Van.  They gave me a check for about what it was worth.  Of course the $1000 I put into it 3 weeks ago is gone.  So now the true problem that this accident caused is at hand.  I am stranded with no vehicle, in a place with no comparable vehicles available.  The closest city is 4-6 hours away.  I have a full van load of gear to haul.  And that is only half the problem……..

So, what to do?  I can search for other vans online, but most of them are on the north island, and would take days of travel to get to with no guarantee that they are in working order.  After the 50 vans I looked at in Auckland I am skeptical of most any van I see.  So do I just bid on one, buy it, pick it up and hope for the best?  I looked into a rental vehicle, but I would tear through my settlement in less than a month.  With at least 4 months remaining to my trip this is not an option.  I can’t buy a cheap car, as I have most of my stuff with me, and if I stay I would like to continue the plan of living in a camper van and traveling the coastline looking for surf.

I really don’t want to go through this process again, it was hard enough last time, and now its going to tear into the time I am suppose to be enjoying being on snow. It seems that I have either been searching, setting up, or waiting for something on this trip. Whether it be a vehicle, a job, or the winter.  I am tired of it.

I could just give everything I have away, and head home, or cut the trip short and just travel around light, but this approach undermines everything I wanted this trip to be. Right now is the winter season here, so there is not the influx of travelers to buy up gear, vehicles and such like there is in the spring.  All the gear I collected to camp for months would go to waste, and If I did happen to find a car, I would have to re-acquire all that stuff.  I also have the problem that I built the entire back of the wrecked van out into a bed, now I will have to do that all over again.  It all comes down to cost and time, and I am running out of both.

What to do…..What to do.


One response to “Another Search, Don’t know if I’m up for this.

  1. Hey Phil! Sorry to hear bout the bad news. And the lip! I’m glad to hear you’re not hurt too badly though.
    Keep your head up – I’m certain that if you bail now it might seem easier, but you’ll regret it once you get back to the states. It sucks right now, but chalk it up to “character building”
    Keep on pushing, as tough as a push as it may be.
    Stay tough Philarelli.


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