Still in Africa

I’m still here.  Marcy and I have been traveling for the past week and a half all over Uganda.  I have some great pictures and amazing stories, and thoughts that I can’t wait to share.  I am finding it hard to conjure the words and sentences that can accurately describe what it is like to be here.  I have a feeling I will never be able to.  This seems to be one of those places that must be visited to have any comprehension of what it is.

It has been hard to find a workable internet connection, and there have been power outages that have made it difficult to even work on my computer, let alone process and organize the 100 or so photos I have taken. This is also a large concern since I have a design project that I am finishing here, so I am trying hard to figure out the communications side of this voyage.  I hope to start to roll out entries in the next week or so.

Just a little preview……I swam in the Nile river!

Updates to come ASAP.


2 responses to “Still in Africa

  1. Hi Phil. Just spent an hour meandering through “The World According to Phil”. Wow! This adventure just gets more and more thrilling. Your photo gallery is spectacular and your trip narrative is so vivid… there’s a book in here… at least one!!! I am so happy that you are fulfilling so many dreams with this great trip. Looking forward to your photos and stories of Africa! XXX

  2. Phil… Send a big hello and a hug to Marcy from the Ceccarelli’s of Warwick!

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