Soroti Town

Boda Bike

I have talked a good deal about Soroti Town already.  This is the place that I spent most of my time in while in Uganda.  The town is in the Teso Region in eastern Uganda and has its own unique tribe and culture, as do many of the regions throughout Uganda.  As a side note, this mixture and grouping of different tribes and  cultures into a country, with forced boarder lines and simulated national unity can be seen as one of the problems that effects most of Eastern Africa, and in many ways all of Africa.

Soroti’s climate is warmer and dryer than other part of the great lakes region of Africa.  In the dry season it can get very windy and dusty, and in the wet season can flood, as many of the surrounding areas are low lying marshes.  When I was visiting, the wet season had just begun, and pretty much like clockwork, right  around 6 p.m. and sunset, large massive rain clouds rolled in and heavy down pours occurred most nights.

Afternoon Clouds

Thunderstorm Rolling In

Trees lining a dirt road

Men under a mango tree. This tree is not trimmed at the bottom. On all the mango trees I saw, the branches all ended about this far from the ground naturally.

Just hangin' out in the mid day heat.

Soroti Town sport fields

The town itself has a nice little market that you can get most things at, like fresh produce, housewares and other daily living requirements.  Another part of town has bike shops, car mechanics, industrial type services and this really cool recycled tire rubber product area.  There are various restaurants, and two good sized hotels.

Soroti Town

Reused Tire Footwear

Man Making Tire Footwear

The most remarkable land feature is is massive mountain-ish rock, that just sits in the middle of miles and miles of plains.  It looks so completely solitary and out of place.  On top, the town up in 2 large water tanks.  Its gives Soroti Town a sense of scale and beauty that was unique to the other places I visited.

Soroti Rock At Sunset





Soroti Rock From Town



One response to “Soroti Town


    Indeed, as Uganda is the pearl of Africa, Soroti happens to be the Pearl of Uganda. I love Soroti.

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