Wellington, An Unexpected Business Lesson

After I dropped Dan off at the airport in Auckland and spent a few days reorganizing and cleaning the van, catching up on emails, processing photos, and other assorted tasks.  I started to get restless a few days into this and gave a friend that I had met in Dunedin a call in Wellington.  He offered me a place to crash, and I decided to head down to the capital for a week.

My Friend Ash, and several of his friend had just moved into a house in the city, and are also starting a business.  When I arrived they had just secured an office location the day before.  I spent the first few days going in, helping them set up, and finishing up a design project that I have been working on for several months for a client back in the US.  It was great to have a desk to work at, and an office environment to help focus my mind to crank out some of the technical drawings I was working on.  It was really fun being around 4 guys working together to start something big.  There excitement and enthusiasm was contagious and it fully reinforced my desire to start my own company.

One night Ash took me out to a bar to see one of his friends that was spinning.  When I walked in, I recognized several people.  Mind you I have never been to Wellington.  New Zealand is becoming a very small place after 9 months.

On the weekend Ash and the boys took me to a house party.  This place was amazing, it was at the top of Victoria hill, right next to one of the best look out spots in the city.  Unfortunately I totally forgot my camera and got no pics of the amazing view.

The entire time I was there the surf was flat.  Go figure.


One response to “Wellington, An Unexpected Business Lesson

  1. Phil!! I looooove Wellington. We too went to Mt. Victoria (which was a sick view of the whole city). Cuba street is pretty rad too! What are your plans from here?? My friend Sheridan is traveling through NZed with her mom and step dad too…they’re gonna do the Milford Hike. If you have any tips for them, e-mail me!! xo

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