Full on Kiwi Seafood Meals!

For the past few weeks I have been eating freshly caught Seafood.  I’ve been linking up with friends and been out boating and fishing for the past 3 weekends in a row.  I think I am comfortable enough here in New Zealand finally that I am gaining weight, which isn’t a good thing.  I have also been surfing a lot, so that may have something to do with it as well.  I guess if I’m going to get fat, it might as well be on some delicious home cooked meals, check them out:

Right off the boat, or a day after, we have eaten most of the fish we caught as fish and chips.  Usually the cook just flours or breads the fish and pan sears it, then they either roast potatoes, fry them in a shallow pan or bake them.

The beginnings of fish and chips

The beginnings of fish and chips

Scotty caught a massive snapper and brought over the belly section.  Apparently on big fish this is a tasty treat as the flesh tends to be very oily and tender.  Here in New Zealand the common way to prepare this is to smoke the section.  To do this a little portable smoker is used.  The smoke is made from burning Manuka (tea tree) wood chips.

Smoking Fish

Smoker on grill with oil dish burners under to burn the wood chips.

Matty closing up the smoker

This cray was at the boys flat.  Frasier had caught it on the weekend along with a king fish but had to go on a multi-day job interview.  He offered the cray and fish to us.  We ended up flash boiling the cray and then pan frying it the rest of the way through and ate with mayo, butter, salt and pepper.  Scotty ended up simply pan searing the king fish and added light seasoning.

Scotty and Crayfish

On the boat, the boys went snorkeling and came back with Paua or as we call it in the US, abalone.  This is a delicacy in many parts of the world and is extremely expensive, although not when you fish it from the sea!  It ends up being a little tough, but has a very mild taste.  I can almost equate the look and texture to undercooked portobello mushrooms.  The flavor is light, much like a clam.

The fish is a Red Snapper.  This one was small, so we just took the scales off and grilled it whole!

Grilling up Red Snapper and Paua (Abalone)

Here is another crayfish.  This one was caught by Rowan (Speedy) on the boat.  Pete split it and then grilled it, He added cheese afterward for a little twist.

Crayfish (rock lobster) split and ready to cook

After 2 weeks of fish and chips we decided to mix it up a little.  Scotty made up a veggie curry, and rice.  He then pan fried the snapper we caught that day, placed it over a bed of rice and poured the curry over top.  This was so good I almost threw up from over eating.

Scotty Staples's Curry Snapper

Scotty Cooking

Scotty Cooking

Scotty caught another massive snapper.  This one he decided to have commercially smoked. Basically the same process we did for the belly, but done in a refrigerator sized smoke house.

Smoked Snapper

Smoked Snapper


4 responses to “Full on Kiwi Seafood Meals!

  1. So what’s for dinner tonight????????? YUM!

  2. aww man makes me wanna go fishing now! should get my own smoker since all my fish is in the freezer. awesome catches.

  3. Yo, work off those extra fishy calories with some ROCK CLIMBING!!! Yer one of us now, get out there and kill it!

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