Sold The Van! Now What?

Well, my time in New Zealand is coming to an end.  I am slowly wrapping up all the loose ends and planning my next move, which is a little up in the air at the moment.  As of now I am looking for design jobs in Australia, and trying to network, but it is slow going, and I’m not getting many responses.

I told my self when I set out on this expedition, that if I made friends, and they ended up heading to interesting places, I would follow them.  This idea seems to be coming to fruition, as one great friend, Scotty Staples is in Thailand for two and a half months.  I’m thinking I may need to visit.  Another great friend from my days in San Diego is headed to Peru in May.  Another place to visit?  And yet another old and dear friend is going to Bali in June for a wedding for a guy I have been hoping to do consulting work with for over a year.  Should I head over to Indo for a meet and greet?

Great places to go, and a lot of cash for flights.  But as I see it, money comes and goes, ebbs and flows.  There is nothing more I can think of that I would rather go into debt for than travel.  I might just have to do a crazy 3 month glob trot.

Luckily I sold the Van!  This gets a considerable chunk of cash that was tied up liquid again.  It should pay for a few flights.  I sold the van to a sweet, slightly hippyish music teacher.  I think she will enjoy it, and I’m glad it went to someone that will truly value it, not some, looping the country backpacker.

So we will see what is next.  I have to get all my gear someplace to store it while I fly back and forth across the world for the next few months.  I am thinking about finding a friend or even a storage locker in Sydney, Australia to drop the stuff and make Sydney my rally point.  Any suggestions are very appreciated!

Thanks for reading!



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