Final Weeks In NZ

Last Supper in New Zealand

Last Supper in New Zealand

The last month was quiet in New Zealand.  It comprised mostly of getting all the loose end administrative stuff ready to leave the country.  I sold my van, started research on where to visit next, and closed bank accounts that I had opened in the country.

I took a weekend trip to Wellington to visit with friends, and ended back at the hostel I began my stay at in Auckland.

Looking back at my time in New Zealand I remember most of the good times, and amazing sights. Mountains splashed in color, cold rugged fish rich seas, and awe inspiring surf.  I also remember car wrecks, cold, cold winter nights, and fear and doubt that I might not be able to continue my travels due to lack of funds.

Most of all though, I will take away from New Zealand all the new and life long friends that I have made.  It has taken me a long time to release what really matters in life.  I used to think it was getting myself to a position to make money, to do the things that I wanted to do.  Career, and adventure for myself.  But over the past few years my priorities have shifted due to the realization that it is the people in my life that makes me wealthy. Meeting people that become friends are the true value in my life.  These people help me understand the world, myself, and humans in general.  I believe completely that these friends together will help me create something for the world that will be both beneficial and lucrative.

I will miss all the new friends I met after a year in New Zealand.  I hope that some of them allow me to repay the kindness and hospitality they showed me by visiting me where ever I set up.  As I go, I will try my best to pay forward all the help, friendship and kindness that I was shown in NZ.  I guess that is how life should work, if you can’t pay back the ones that helped you, look out to help others so that they may be inspired to help the next person.

What’s next?  Stay tuned!


One response to “Final Weeks In NZ

  1. Daniel Fallon

    So awesome! Land on your feet and keep us posted!

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