The Globe Trot Preview

Well, I’m on my way out of New Zealand.  The plan I set out to accomplish is half complete.  I told my self that along with journey, if I met some cool people and they where headed to interesting places in the world I would go visit and travel with them.  I am going to make sure I hold myself to this thought and have decided to do a wacky travel itinerary over the next 3-4 months.

Luckily I have been getting pretty consistent design work, which is allowing me to fund this bit of insanity travel.  My upcoming months are unfolding something like this:

Tuesday, 23 March 2010: Fly to Sydney, Australia.  I am going to stay here for a 5 days.  The plan is to find a hostel, and a storage unit near this hostel.  I will drop off my stupidly large surf board coffin bag, my roller luggage and one backpack and store it for the duration of this travel.  I will repack my camera backpack and a small duffel bag to travel light.

Later in the week I am off to Thailand!  I am visiting the first contact I had in New Zealand and a guy that has become a great friend, Scotty Staples.  He has been traveling in Thailand for a month now and is scheduled for another month and a half.  We plan to head north into the mountains….stay tuned for the posts from the land of Thai!

After a month in South East Asia, I fly back to Sydney for 3 days.  I am repacking and flying out to Peru for the month of May.  I will have a birthday in South America! I am heading there to visit my old friend from San Diego, Bethany Lukens.  She is traveling with her good friend Geneva Brion and they are both visiting a friend in the US Peace Corps….this will be my second visit to a PCV in an exotic location! On this leg I have a 24 hour layover in LA, so I might actually get to hang with friends there…and break up the ridiculous flight.  This will also make it so that I have set foot on every continent, minus Antarctica.

On may 30th I head back from Peru to Sydney for 2 days. Repack once more, and head to Indonesia.  This leg of the trip is for work, and hopefully a consulting position as a factory liaison for a US based company that produces gloves.  I will also attend a wedding in Bali…really!   This is quite a few months off, so details are still sketchy, we will see what happens.

I hope all of you that have been reading and commenting continue to do so, it feels great knowing that you are behind me, and I can share some of the amazing places on the planet with you.  Thanks for all the kind words and support.  I love hearing from you, and it helps me continue to drive this commitment to the plan I set forth so many years ago.

I miss you all, and can’t wait to come back and visit!


5 responses to “The Globe Trot Preview

  1. I sure hope there’s “writing a book” in your plans ’cause this is some adventure! Keep going and keep it coming! LOL!

  2. Bethany Lukens

    i hope i’m not just an old friend. haha. i can’t wait to see you and have a journey together. ever since ohio, i’ve always known we needed one that was a little more exotic… have fun in your travels prior and see you soon. xoxox.

  3. Phil – We love and miss you and think of you often. Very much enjoying reading about your exciting travels!
    Much, much love

  4. Daniel Fallon

    Go Phil! Hope that Indo consult goes well…if you land a job there I’ll pop over again for a foreign soil hang-out!

  5. Can’t believe that you forgot to mention me. I’m coming for you, Rambo style. See you in a few weeks in the jungle.

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