Onward and Upward, I Mean Downward to Peru

What can I say about Peru.  This leg of the trip was just a complete roller coaster ride.  Looking back I had a few preconceived notions of South America that were left in my brain from various Mexico and Central America trips.  What I was expecting wasn’t terribly off once I arrived, but the events over the next month and even weeks after I left Peru are something that has effected the way I look at myself and has twisted my life.  This had little to do with Peru as a place and everything to do with the the travelers and locals I met, and I can say with absolute certainty that this trip has changed me.

Mixed in with travel partner conflicts, sever sickness, and frustration was some of the most memorable and (I hate using this word) “spiritual” moments of my life to date.  I can’t say the places I went where spiritual, its not like I sat at Machupicchu and felt this spiritual energy or anything, but it was the conversations I had, the timing that someone would say something at the exact moment it needed to be said, and the situations I ended up in over the course of a month that leave me amazed, confused, and still processing what the meaning of it all was.

Most of these experiences are just for me. Some ended up being quite painful emotionally, and a few others have left there mark on me forever, some good, some bad, and some that I still don’t really understand.  What I can say, is that this is the reason to travel.  Its the complete unexpected moments that I think we live for.  Its hard to explain, because I am not talking about going to a place, or the unexpected twists that happen getting there, or what you see, or even who you meet.  It is more about the amazement when you realize that had you not come to this place, events that create your life would not have happened, and a new path that you never saw is laid before you.  Who knew that Peru would both crush me, and heal me all at the same time.

But Peru, why Peru?  Well, South America wasn’t really in the plan when I thought about where my trip was going to take me over these few years.  But I have told myself, when an opportunity arises to travel with a friend, I would do it, and once again, a few friends where heading to Peru….so off I went.

One of my good friends from San Diego, Bethany Lukens, and one of her good friends Geneva Brion where headed down to Peru for a trip from the States.  After looking into it, I figured I would at least set foot on the only continent I hadn’t been to yet (not counting Antarctica).  It was going to be an expensive flight, and one of the longest journeys I could have possibly made.

After Peru I was emotionally and physically exhausted, but I left with a peace I have never felt before.  I knew that after Peru I was coming to the end of hardcore country to country travel.  It was time to settle down for a few years, fill the coffers back up with funds and live someplace once again. So this you could say was my blow out run.

I will just talk about the places I went, and make a few references to people I met along the way.  If you ever see me though, ask me about Peru, and I will tell you a story that is amazing, painful, and mystifying all at the same time.  I look forward to talking with you!

So, here is Peru!


One response to “Onward and Upward, I Mean Downward to Peru

  1. You’re going to have to tell more after that teaser!

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