Forever In The Air. Peru Arrival

I flew back from Bangkok to Sydney where I have most of my gear in storage.  After a repack and a quick 2 day stop over in Aussie I jumped on a wicked flight to South America.  I guess I should have thought about the brutal travel time, and layovers before I decided to have a big party night in Sydney.

This flight path ended up being the longest and most annoying I have ever took.  I flew from Sydney to LA (12 hours) and had picked a flight that allowed me to have a 24 hour stop in the US.  Once on the ground, I rented a car and went to my friend Tim’s house in Hermosa Beach.  I was able to get a bit of a rest and a shower which felt great.  Tim wasn’t around yet in the morning, as he was flying back from the east coast, but his roommates where more than hospitable.  I went out for a breakfast burrito, which was such a treat, and then headed to Manhattan beach to run a few errands. After a little shopping I met up with Lisa Sakai, a designer I used to work with at Reef. We hung out for the day, went to WalMart (yes!) and got lunch.  It was rad seeing an old friend from the Reef days.

Later in the night I headed back to Tim’s place and just basically chilled and fell asleep for a few hours before awaking at 4 a.m. to return the car and get to the airport for my 7 in the morning flight.

I had a leg to Mexico City where I had another 5 hour layover.  Of course the flight was delayed by 2 hours and made a weird landing to refuel or something. This added another hour to the delay and with no way to contact Bethany, I knew we might have some problems as they where planning on meeting me in the airport. I stumbled into the Lima airport at Midnight, waited to get through customs, find my bags, and Bethany and Geneva.  They had been waiting for me for two and a half hours, and of course the flight was not displayed in Lima as late.

We finally got to the hotel around 1:30 in the morning and crashed out for the night.  Hello Lima!


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