The Highest Lake in the World

Lake Titicaca and Puno

Lake Titicaca and Puno

I was in so much pain after we arrived back in Cusco after Machuu Picchu I ended up going to a clinic at 12 am at night.  I struggled to communicate with the doctor, but we where able to work out that I had a parasite and he prescribed some medication. He gave me a diet of chicken soup. I couldn’t eat anything greasy, alcoholic, or heavy in fiber, which pretty much cuts almost everything good out.  I arrived back at the guest house around 2:30 in the morning and had an uncomfortable night sleep.

On top of this, my relationship with Geneva and Bethany was becoming strained and I was thinking that it was getting time to head off on my own.  I think at this point I have been so used to traveling by myself that being with people that don’t travel the same way I do started to effect my mood, and the way I dealt with the girls.

The day after going up to Machu Picchu we pushed on, leaving Cusco on a local bus for the city of Puno and lake Titicaca, the largest lake at the  highest altitude in the world.

Bethany, Geneva and I just made the bus, with the help of our travel agent who had to run and slap the bus as it pulled out of the station.  We jumped on and settled in for the 6 hour ride, which would take us through high desert valleys and along rolling mountain sides.  We passed multiple small villages that are at an altitude of 2800 meters (9,000 ft) and up.

Throughout the day, we made stops at various bus stations to let people off and pick up new passengers.  At one point a woman got on with a box and a machete. She opened the box and a heavy smell filled the cabin.  She opened and unrolled a plastic bag and started hacking at the carcass inside.  She was selling chicken to the bus passengers.  Great when drive threw comes with you as you speed down the road.

(After I wrote and posted this, Bethany contacted me to correct what I wrote.  This is what she said.)

Bethany: Just to clarify, the woman that got on the bus was carrying a traditional woven cloth on her back that covered paper which then covered an unknown roasted animal (probably a goat or some other large animal)and roasted potatoes. She was chopping it up with a butcher knife in the bus isle and serving it to passengers for almorzar in individual plastic bags. I only am re-stating this because it was A. one of the most amazing things i have ever witnessed and B. because I have pictures of it (on facebook)

After a full day of bus riding, we pulled into Puno after dark.  We headed to a guest house and a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant I read about.  With my very limited diet, Italian seemed like the best idea.

The next morning the girls headed across the boarder into Bolivia.  I decided to head out to the lake and go see floating islands, although I didn’t really understand what they where going to be.

Lake Puno, looking back at the city.

Lake Puno, looking back at the city.

Fishermen on the lake.

Fishermen on the lake.

Fishermen on Lake Puno

Fishermen on Lake Puno

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