Back to Lima, The Beard Has Arrived!

I touched down in the early afternoon at the Lima airport and grabbed a cab with a random business man.  After dropping him off in the heart of the city, we continued on to Miraflores and the Loki hostel.

I was on my way to meet up with Jon Tompkins, one of my oldest friends.  We planned out that he would land a day before me in Lima, head to the hostel, and in the morning we would meet up.  As I entered Loki I went to the reception desk to ask what room my friend was in.  At that exact moment I felt a a hand on my shoulder, and I spun around to see…..the beard.

The Beard!

The Beard!

I barley recognized the man. Totally taken back I adjusted and then gave the hairy beast a hug.

I cannot express enough how amazing it felt to have  such a good friend that truly knew who I was with me in a distant land on my ongoing adventure.  After a rough 2 weeks of sickness, disappointing travel situations, and altitude sickness, my excitement welled as Jon and I planned a few days in Lima before we headed north to the warm beach towns of northern Peru.

This was the beginning of 2 weeks that would change the course of my life.  In some weird way, with Jon there these mundane, seemingly uneventful meetings with interesting people continuously kept occurring. Events came together that taught me about life, relationships, and how I interact with my surroundings.  This is when Peru became a mystical place for me….it could have happened anywhere, but it happened to me in Peru.


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