Good Bye Peru, For Now….

Jon had to head back to Lima to catch his flight a day after the swell.  With great deliberation I decided to stay in Mancora for a few more days.  I wanted to catch the tail end of the swell, and Mancora was just too warm and fun to leave quite yet. I did however feel very bad about sending Jon back to Lima on his own.

The next few days where a blur of sun and booze.  I hung out with Ica a little more, and had some interesting conversations.  I met a few more gringos and kiwis that were living in town long term. I met an English guy, and threw our talks, he discovered I was a product designer, and he pitched me a great idea for a sea diving widget.  New business perhaps?  Just another mystical moment in Mancora.

I tried to get some work done at Loki, which was a joke.  After barley sleeping for 4 days, being weak from a parasite, and partying all I could do was stare at a page and try to focus, which was impossible.

Each night got crazier than the last at the Loki, and I will forever consider this hostel the best in the world.  Set up like a resort, but with hostel prices….I will be surprised if anything will ever compare.

I caught a bus back to Lima a day before my flight out of the country.  The bus ride back to Lima was 24 hours, but this time I sprang for the luxury seats that lay all the way flat.  It still wasn’t the most enjoyable travel, but tolerable.  I arrived back at Loki Lima and spent one more day enjoying the hostel set up. I talked with Andrea, the manager, and got some more great info about the country.  That night I hopped on a flight bound for Sydney where I would spend 2 days before catching another flight bound for Bali.

Over the years as I loosely planned this trip, I always thought I would end it in Bali. After hearing multiple friends and countless surfers rave about Indonesia, I could sense that this place might be what I have been looking for.  I was super excited to get there and was finally on my way.


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