I Made It To Bali!

Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

To get to Bali, I needed to stop back in Sydney to swap out gear and pick up all my surf equipment.  Before I could do that I had to head down to the southeastern part of Aussie to have a meeting for a potential “consulting” gig on a long term contract.

To actually make this happen, I had to sequence a string of flights together that bordered on insanity.  I got on a flight in Lima to Mexico City where I had a layover.  I then proceeded to LAX (Los Angeles) where I had another 10 hour layover.  I knew I was going to head right to the interview once in Sydney so I got a motel room near LAX (the most seedy room I have ever been in) for 6 hours to freshen up before the next flight.

I got back on a plane at LAX and flew the 15 hours to Sydney.  There I had to get from the international terminal, to the domestic terminal in 2 hours, except my flight was delayed out of LAX, so I only had an hour. To link from one terminal to the next in Sydney you have to catch a bus for $5.  I didn’t have time to exchange money so I used USD.  The bus took ten minutes to depart, once it got going I had 20 minutes until the domestic flight took off. Took off, as in I had not even arrived at the terminal and I was suppose to be boarding the plane.  Luckily the flight restrictions and time limits are way more relaxed for Aussie domestic flights.  I ran to the check in desk, begged to get my bag checked, and sprinted threw security.  I watched the woman that checked me in hand deliver my bag to the guys on the tarmac.  I ran onto the plane and the door closed behind me.

I have been traveling around 36 hours at this point.  I landed in Melbourne and went to get the rental car that was arranged for me.  I had 2 hours to drive the 120K out to the small surf town of Torquay.  I got a GPS unit just to be safe.  Half way into the trip the GPS robot started to go crazy, and gave me wrong directions (later I would find out that the road I was on was very new and not on the GPS map).  So I got to the meeting about 15 min late.  I had a 2 hour conversation, and then was shuffled off to catch my return flight.

I sped all the way back to Melbourne and was running very late for the flight…again.  I got a little lost on the way to the airport and took a round about route.  I once again had to sprint to the terminal, beg the check-in counter get my bag on board and subvert the line at security.  I scrambled through security, watched them hand deliver my bag to the guys loading the plane and jumped on board just as the doors shut.

I landed in Sydney, got a shuttle back to my favorite backpackers in Kings Cross and died.

Two days later, after a unpack and repack I landed in Denpasar, Bali….I made it to Indo….finally!


One response to “I Made It To Bali!

  1. PHEW!! Now I wanna hear if you got the job. I’m not putting down the popsorn until you tell us!!!

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