Back to Peru, Because I Went Crazy

After two and a half weeks in Indonesia I flew back to Peru, where I had just been 3 weeks earlier.  I took a giant leap because sometimes, not matter what the circumstances, the odds, or the situation you have to do it, even if it is just to prove to yourself you have the balls to try.

If you ever see me you can ask me about my trip back to Peru.  Even months after I went back I still have a hard time explaining what happened.  It changed me, my perspective, and what I value in life.  This act of madness has also taught me that even if you do everything you can in a given situation and do it well, you can still fail.  Learning to deal with this reality has been one of he hardest mental battles I have had to face so far.


5 responses to “Back to Peru, Because I Went Crazy

  1. Hey, I’ve been waiting for what happened. Spill it!

    Keep up the blog!

  2. wow, so much said ……..and UNSAID……. in that post!
    Hope you are well.
    Can’t wait till you are ready to share more details.

  3. You’re so emo.

  4. Aunt Sandy Harper

    Anxious to hear about it, Phil
    ~ Aunt Sandy

  5. Your the only one that really knows…..can you blame me?

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