Back to Aussie, Full Time

I arrived back to Australia emotionally drained.  I had missed my flight out Peru and ended up accidentally spending 2 days in Buenos Aires which was pretty amazing.

During this time I had taken a job offer for a surf company located in a little town south of Melbourne in the surf industry capital, Torquay, Australia.

Going into this I was very unsure if getting back into a corporate lifestyle in a small town in a country where I knew no one was the right decision.  But I figured I should give it a crack, and the company and I worked out a 3-6 month trial to see how we liked each other.

I flew into Sydney, stayed a few nights and watched the world cup finals with some Germans and Dutch friends. I closed my storage locker, packed up my gear, loaded up a hire car, and made the 12 hour drive down to Melbourne and the state of Victoria.  I was back in the surf industry, designing sandals, only this time I was down unda’!


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