Back to Bali, This Time For Work!

A week after returning from the Gold Coast marketing trip I took another work trip, this time back to Indo.  Our destination was Bali for a product meeting, line range call, and a final sample review.

Its amazing getting to go to a one of the best vacation destinations in the world for work.  Even though each day was busy from 9-5, we still managed to get up early and get a surf in most days.  We each had a scooter, and tore around the island going to and from dinners, surf sessions and market shopping.

I got surf in at a few new to me spots like, Uluwatu, Kuta Reefs, specifically airports rights where we got the wave to ourselves for 45 min early in the morning, but also had to contend with sea lice.  It was like swimming through needles.  I got several more days in at Canguu and a day in on the reef out in Nusa Dua. We also checked out Dreamland but I did not surf on that occasion.

With my second trip to Bali under my belt, I am officially in love with the place!


One response to “Back to Bali, This Time For Work!

  1. hey phil…. amazing morning here spent reading huge portions of your postings. wow, phil… what a rich story…it just seems to get better and better…the photos are spectacular and the journal… fascinated at the dish that paired sashimi and gnocchi…the bali and down under beaches look gorgeous…the borobundu (sp?) temple seemed a very special place.. i will look forward to hearing the details of your life altering experiences in south america. i know you battled some health stuff there…. glad to see you looking so great in the recent photos. hope your latest foray into corporate life is not too restraining- and thank you for continuing to share your extraordinary adventure … it was wonderful to spend the morning peeking in at all you are doing…. keep on keeping on. uncle clem, ian and i will look forward to seeing you whenever you home…. we all send you lots of love and every wish for continued safe and fasscinating travels!

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