Bored, Lonely Days In Torquay

There has been a lot of down time here in Torquay and Aussie.  I have had the chance to travel a lot with work, but it is not the same as traveling like I have been for the past year and a half. The people I work with are great, exactly what I would expect working for a surf company.  The people are very similar to those I worked with back in the states.

The big difference here, I think, is the small town I am in seems very tight knit.  Also, where I work, and sit in the company building that is not very conducive to meeting or interacting with many people. Now I know that it takes about 6-8 months, sometimes a year, to really incorporate into a place, make friends, and feel like part of the fabric. The problem is I’m not sure I am patient enough for that right now in my life.

Another contributing factor is after my experience in Peru, I am having hard mental battles trying to keep positive and think that I can still effect the outcome of my life through just my actions alone.  I am realizing that so much of what happens to us is determined by other people, and circumstances beyond our control.  I feel out of control, and it has been hard to deal with.

I’m sure I will look back on this (or at least I hope to) and see that it was only a down time after many months of excitement. I hope I can come through this and start to enjoy the amazing place that I am in. As of right now, I am giving it a total of 6 months, and if something magical doesn’t happen, I will probably move on to the next thing.  What that is, I have no idea.

2 responses to “Bored, Lonely Days In Torquay

  1. Hey Phil! Are you working for Ripcurl?

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